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setting intentions, power of intention, miracles coaching program, miracle coach, laurie smith
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  setting intentions, power of intention, miracles coaching program, miracle coach, laurie smith

Soul Wisdom: A Guide To Miraculous Living, Book 1

Setting Intentions ~ Power of Intention

Miracles: Creating Your Magical Life with Energy and Intuition

This miracles coaching program is about creating a life filled with miraculous moments. Manifesting miracles is exhilarating, and much easier than many people think. Explore abilities you were born with — such as intuition. Then learn ways to connect with these abilities and partner with a higher power to allow miracles to happen. You will also learn, practice, and apply a process for creating your miraculous life. [Learn more]

Setting Intentions: Placing Your Request
By Laurie E. Smith

When setting intention, anything we can do to increase the intensity of what we are seeking on an energetic level helps us to attract it more quickly. It can also be helpful to be as clear as possible with our request — this increases the chance that we will actually receive it.

The following questions can help you to do this, as well as to flush out any last little details you may want to consider. Have fun!

Take a deep breath in...
Now exhale...

Focus on your heart.

When you feel deeply calm, begin.

Relaxing music:
Azure by Bjorn Lynne
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Setting Intentions: Placing Your Request

1. Why do you want your miracle so much? What positive effect will it have on you and your life? Who else could it affect in a positive way?
  • TIP: Include only positive words or phrases in your response (in other words, avoid focusing on what's wrong or missing).

2. When do you want your miracle?
  • TIP: Time your intention in some way. "By this time next month…" or "Before the end of the year…" or use the phrase "On or before" like "On or before July 4th"...

3. What is it you want, exactly?
  • TIP: Make your intention as specific as possible. Think of it like placing an order on the Internet. Include quantity, color, size, etc. Make the order focused and simple so it will be easy to understand.

4. How will you know when you get it?
  • TIP: How will you measure success? Be very clear about this. If you will measure your success by a feeling, what is the feeling, exactly? How do you feel that feeling? If you measure it by a specific event what it is? E.g., a positive pregnancy test; a deposit in your account for a specific amount; a specific result on a medical exam; an acceptance letter; an order placed; specific type of feedback from clients… Get the idea?

5. What can you do to demonstrate your belief that your miracle is definitely possible and on its way?
  • TIP: Even if your goal is something you desire in the future, using present tense language rather than future language when talking about your miracle, and taking actions that demonstrate a belief that you know it is definitely coming pumps up the energy around your desire.

6. How can you express to a higher power that you are open to this or something EVEN better, whatever is in your highest good?
  • TIP: A divine intelligence always knows more than we about what is in our and another's highest good. As we strive toward specific goals in our lives, it's always good to also have our actions and words express our faith in a higher intelligence that is always at work. Remember, sometimes things don't happen the way we would have chosen ourselves, but the gifts we receive are even greater than any we would have asked for.

7. What would even be better than your miracle? What other wonderful things may be possible for you?
  • TIP: The more we focus on the divine potential in our lives, the better we feel; the happier we become, and the more wonderful things happen to us!

Now, print your answers and store in your journal or course binder. They could be a helpful reference when making even the simplest of decisions.

You are already living your Miraculous Life!

Miracle Coach Laurie Smith is the creator and instructor of the miracles coaching program Miracles: Creating Your Magical Life with Energy and Intuition. She is also the author of Soul Wisdom: A Guide To Miraculous Living, Book One, and Spirit In Disguise: A Guide to Miraculous Living, Book Two.

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