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  shaman apprentice, shamanic studies, learn shamanism, shaman elder maggie wahls

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Discovering the Shaman Healer Within: Shaman Apprentice Course
Discovering the Shaman Healer Within: Shaman Apprentice Course

Aho! Take a journey and an exploration into the worlds and the way of the Shaman. Come and sit down before the fire with the Shaman as you calm your mind and open your heart to the teachings of the Elders. As you walk the path of this course, you will re-member many skills, talents, places and people from your past that you have forgotten. Welcome to the reconnection to your purpose as healer. Let the Shaman Elder take the talking stick and listen to his words. [ Enroll Now ] [ Course Reviews ]

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Choice and Free Will means taking responsibility - whether we want it or not!

Creating Your Reality

By Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls

Choice and free will are two commonly used terms. They seem to be well understood. What is often overlooked is the effect the choices we make have on us. In essence, the choices we make create all of our reality. There is always an effect for everything we say, do or think.

Every thought we have and choice we make is an Act of Creation. You are constantly creating the reality you live in. One of the Laws of Physics is, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction ... the effect or consequences of one's choices. What you put out to the universe comes back to you. If we do not face the consequences for our actions, the energy of that gets stuck within us creating patterns we do not need, that block our growth.

What are your thoughts that you are putting out to the universe? That you will have the universe return to you? This is a basic Law of Karma.

How does the world treat you?
How you treat others is how the universe normally will treat you! Since all is free will, how people respond to you is their choice.

Our past choices have created who we are now.

All problems that manifest in our lives, physical and non physical, are the result of the energy we fill ourselves with - these have been our choices; nobody's but ours. These choices affect us from four different directions.

Beliefs are like computer programs. When a program is running, it leads to a preprogrammed act by the computer or whatever the computer is controlling. Beliefs also filter and distort the way we view things in our reality. Each person's reality is different and is based on the lessons they are learning at that time or they are stuck in. When we change our beliefs we change ourselves.
  • Current Life (Core Beliefs)
  • Past Lives (History Beliefs)
  • Ancestors Lives (Genetic Beliefs)
  • Soul life (Soul Beliefs)
Boundaries and Perceptions
Beliefs create boundaries and boundaries are triggers for our reactions. Let's say one of your beliefs is that you Love someone. They give you a gift. Your reaction is a great feeling ... love flowing. It triggers your actions. A hug, a kiss and more! It's a wonderful programs to be running!

Now let's say you are "indifferent" to a person and they give you a gift. The same gift as the other person gave you. You might give them a handshake and a thank you and make a mental note that on their birthday you will give them something nice. The reaction was completely different. It is based on your filters, your boundaries, your programs.

Now, you get the same gift from someone you do not like. Boundaries are again crossed and you react differently. You strain to say "Thank You." Your mind is wondering "What do they want?" "I do not want to owe this person something in return." Your thoughts are looking for something "wrong" in the gift. There is a small crack why did he give me a damaged gift? He probably got the gift for free because of it... that is how much he really thinks of me!

Same Gift, same intent by the person giving it, different perceptions of it based on your filters! Completely different realities created by you!

This shows the difference between being "Heart Centered" and "Fear Centered" It did not matter what the person did in the third situation. They were automatically wrong and you "needed" to react accordingly. It confirmed your judgment about that person.

Fear-Based Patterns
Fears were created to protect us from harm. To help us survive. As we grow, we also outgrow the need for those fears. If we do not release them they stop us from growing. We have both instinctive fears and reactions and self created ones.

What is fear? The oldest definition of fear is "to pass through." Fears relate to things that you do not want to do. You may think:
  • If I do something I will get hurt
  • People will judge me
  • It is not safe to do
  • I do not have the abilities.
From these fears, you place your boundaries so you will not have to face your fears. And when those boundaries are crossed you react to protect yourself from your fears.

These fear based patterns affect the body and that energy gets locked into the body. This energy can be stored in the DNA, it can be in the cells, and it can be locked into the intercellular fluids. It can be held anywhere within us and the effects can show up in many ways.

This energy then interferes with the flow of other energy. Fear, when triggered, can bring about extreme bio-chemical responses within the physical body. This is one of the ways our patterns cause illness and disease. They weaken the body and over stimulate it. This is all energy we have created and we can also remove! This is what energy healing does on many levels!

"There is nothing to fear but fear itself." ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

Slow Energy
I refer to the energy that is stuck and causing problems within you as "Slow Energy." It slows down your growth and the functions of your body (that is, the movement of energy in all forms within your body).

This is your conscious choice to change your patterns, the programs that control your life. Patterns are energy. They can be beneficial or not beneficial. You can outgrow your protective patterns, thereby expanding who you are.

You can change any pattern/program within you. They can be removed, modified, or removed and replaced. It can be rendered non-functioning and remembered. This must be done by conscious choice and change within yourself. Any pattern removed can be reestablished by your actions and the effects in the body can return over time.

Each pattern is one or more lessons that need to be learned and, as a common expression goes, "you can learn the hard way, or the easy way." It is about choice and responsibility. Growth is knowledge. Let's look at an "easy" way.

With an energetic clearing, a spiritual act is performed to remove any dysfunctional and nonfunctional patterns, blockages, heavy metals, cords and soul fragments, and other energies that are not your own, or that do not serve you. An energetic clearing can do no harm and has proven to always bring an increase of harmony, peace and abundance at the location, or on the person. The clearing can be done in person or over distance. This is a spiritual way to lift clouds of despair and frustration and bring back the balance into our lives, homes and businesses.

This removes any blockages preventing positive energy to flow. It clears obstacles and allows the natural state of harmony, prosperity and balance to again be felt clearly. The clearing process is a spiritual technique using the assistance of highly evolved spiritual beings who guide the healer to manipulate the energy vortexes and release any negative attachments. Obstacles can come from a variety of sources including but not limited to astral influences, network gridding, telepathic pathways and negative beliefs.

There are numerous modalities for clearing energy, explore and embrace the form of energetic healing that calls out to you at this moment and time.

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Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls is one of America's most beloved traditional elder teachers of shamanic studies for today's modern society. She is a gifted energy healer and the creator and instructor of these popular Self-Healing Expressions courses:
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