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Healing Whispers: Communication with Your Spirit Guides and Angels
by Linda Pendleton

Within this course, you are invited to explore ways you may use your innate intuitive gift to make spiritual contact to communicate with your spirit guides, angels, and deceased loved ones. You may be delighted to discover how easily you can cross the spiritual bridge between worlds and enrich your life with love, guidance, healing, and wisdom. Intuition is a Divine gift, and communication with your spirit guides and angels may be enhanced by "fine-tuning" your psychic intuition. It can serve as a guiding force in your daily life.
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Spiritual Contact: Gifts of Love through the Veil
By Linda Pendleton

Don and Linda Pendleton, 1985
Don and Linda Pendleton, 1985

If I have learned nothing else in my life, I have learned how powerful love is, and that love lives on beyond the shedding of the physical body. And for me, Valentine's Day is always a reminder of that.

I want to share with you my story about diamonds and poetry, and how years later the synchronicity of sparkling diamonds and love poems all came together as a beautiful message of love, never-ending.

My husband, author Don Pendleton passed away in October 1995, weeks after our 10th wedding anniversary. In our years together, he always wrote a beautiful poem for me on Valentine's Day.

Consciousness Survives Physical Death
Don and I both had a strong belief that consciousness survives physical death and that spiritual contact or communication with those on the other side was not only possible but credible, and a natural part of life and death. So having those solid beliefs, I not only expected communication from Don, but welcomed it in whatever way he was able to relay it to me.

On February 12th, 1996, less than four months following his death, I had an incredible channeling session in my home with trance-channel Athena Demetrios and spirit guide, Dr. Peebles and with Shawn Randall, channel for spirit guide, Torah. Don came through with incredible messages and confirmation. It was a most awe-inspiring and loving experience, and even much more so than I had dreamed it could be. I wrote in detail about that experience in my book, A Walk Through Grief: Crossing the Bridge Between Worlds. That evening Torah told me that in the future Don would be communicating with me via the computer. Don and I had already had some incredible experience through automatic writing that we began less than a month after his death.

A Poem for Valentine's
Well, the future Torah mentioned was two days later, on Valentine's Day, 1996. Early that day, I said out loud to Don, "Happy Valentine's Day. Are you going to give me a poem today, my love?"

My day was busy and in the afternoon I decided to go to the stationary store to purchase a photo album to hold Don's memorial photographs. When I parked in front of the stationary store, I glanced over at the Hallmark card store two doors down. I did not want to go in there as I knew it would be filled with last minute Valentine card shoppers and I did not want a reminder that my lover was gone. I could not find a photo album I liked at the stationers, so I took a deep breath, gritted my teeth, and walked into the Hallmark store. I went to the back avoiding the Valentine card section and found just the album I wanted. As I walked to the front of the store, out of the corner of my eye I caught a frame of some kind with beautiful flowers on it. I walked over and picked it up. It was the Serenity Prayer, very beautifully displayed. Over the years I had always looked for something like that as I had only one small display of the prayer. It was also a music box, and it played Memory from the musical Cats, and that had been our song. I began to cry and as I wiped away my tears, I whispered, "Don, you gave me my Valentine present." Of course, I bought it and took it home with me.

Later that evening, I went into my study and sat down to do some automatic writing. I asked Don if I would get my poem. After a couple of lines, he wrote two lines that were somewhat poetic, and then I heard, "Go to the computer."

I moved to my computer, turned it on, and opened a blank document page. I stayed out of the way of what I was hearing, did not question the words, just typed as I heard Don's words. The words came fast. When it appeared to be finished, I asked, "What is the title?", and I heard, Our Love. Here is the poem:

Our Love

A love that crosses all boundaries,
swirling on the vortex beyond time and space;
The cosmic imprint of a love divine,
endless and universal in meaning;
A love that encompasses all that is,
forever joining two souls
as they dance to the strings of time.
Hear the rhythm resonating in our hearts,
no greater love can any man know.
Divine and splendid, exquisite and beatific;
It fills the soul to its very depths
encouraging, enlarging, and overflowing.
To know and experience is to truly delight;
Love brings us to who we are meant to be.
My love, our love, is beyond any measure of time,
beyond any distance, over any barriers.
Take my hand my love,
kiss the stars and rejoice
as we celebrate our love,
always and forever more.

Linda Pendleton © Copyright 1996

The Diamond
A couple of months after Don's death, I discovered I had lost one of the diamonds from my wedding rings. One night while watching television, I turned my ring on my finger and felt the sharp prong of an empty setting. I was shocked to see a diamond missing. In a panic, I searched all around the loveseat I was sitting in, crawled all over the surrounding carpet, and tried to reconstruct my movements around the house that day. And I had been out shopping that afternoon. I was very sad. We had picked out the rings together and both loved them. When I went to bed, and only after tearing the bedcovers apart in my continuing search, I prayed through my tears, and asked Don to help me find my diamond, to lead me to it.

The next morning feeling low and sad, I called the jewelry store to ask about replacing it, and told the jeweler I would be in that afternoon. I left the kitchen and walked into our master bedroom and there, about two feet into the room, my gaze caught a sparkle as sunlight danced across the carpet from the window on the far side of the room. There was my diamond, shining at me from the tufts of the carpet! Amazed, I picked it up and cried. I thanked Don for showing it to me. If it had been upside down I never would have seen its sparkle and it would have been sucked up into my vacuum before long. Did Don put it there? Was it possible he moved it from another location, or turned it over so it would sparkle? I know not, but I do believe he helped me find it.

Anniversary Poem
Five days before what would have been our 20th wedding anniversary I received an email from a woman who had visited Don's website. She had been Don's secretary in 1962-63 at Martin Marietta Aerospace in Little Rock, Arkansas. She lost touch with him when he transferred to Denver, Colorado with Martin and did not see him again until he had a book-signing in Little Rock around 1970-72.

She told me working for him had been her first job out of college and how he had been the best boss she had ever had in all these years. She said Don had written a poem for her and her husband when they married, still had the poem in her wedding book and wondered if I would like to have a copy of it. I told her I would love to have it as it was not in his poetry file. In her next email, she shared with me that Don had been so compassionate and understanding one day when she had gone into work upset and late because she had lost a diamond in her engagement ring. Her fiancée (present husband) worked there also, down the hall from Don's office. Don told her not to worry about being late, he would take care of that, and told her to go down the hall, get her fiancée, go to the jewelry store and replace the diamond right then! And they did.

More than forty years after Don wrote this poem for this couple's wedding, and two days before our 20th Anniversary, I received a copy of the poem. In Don's words, written long ago, I felt he'd personally been on a search for me, and happily found me in 1983. We had often discussed the idea of having been together in a past lifetime and had experienced an instant "recognition" when we met. We were soulmates and had a deep bond-a bond that has not been broken. Here is the poem:


Alone I came, as do all souls venture forth upon
this plane alone and incomplete, and neither warmth
of mother's breast upon my cheek, nor strength of
father's hand upon my own could add unto me that
which was withheld at the moment of birth.

Only vaguely sensing the inadequacy of my being,
yet with somehow the certain knowledge that I
traveled alone and unarmed, I began to wend my way
through the high ways and by ways of this place
called life — sometimes triumphant, often not,
but always and ever, even in those moments of
highest triumph, was the remembrance of some thing
which I had not of, and which I feared I would not
recognize should it confront me.

And then came the day when I gazed upon thee,
and the dull remembrance began to focus,
and the long-suppressed truth began to infiltrate
and illuminate my consciousness—and now as I
stand before the alter with thy sweet hand in mine,
the final shreds of film fall away—

And my soul marvels that it could have forgotten thee,
and my heart sings that at last it has regained thee,
and my being joyfully accepts the peace of completeness
at last, as dawns an awareness that never again in life—
nay, not even in death—shall I know the meaning of

for thou art my beloved—companion of my soul.

~ Don Pendleton © Copyright 1963

Another Expression of Love ~ the Photograph
But the story does not end there, although the following does not include diamonds and love poems. It is about a sixty-year old photograph, and more. The day following the email contact from Don's former secretary, I received a message on the guestbook at from a man who served in the Navy with Don during World War II, and who, in 1963-65, had worked with Don at Martin Marietta in Denver! Don had been a technical writer, and this man, also named Don, was a technical illustrator for the aerospace company. He offered to send me a photograph of him and my husband aboard ship: a group of several sailors and their officer taken aboard the USS Rutland sometime in 1945, shortly before the atomic bombing and surrender of Japan. Don had entered the Navy days before his 15th birthday, on Dec. 7, 1942. In this photo he would be about 17.

When I first received these Internet exchanges, I assumed these two people had known each other. I soon discovered they did not.

So, not only did I receive a copy of a beautiful poem but also an old photograph from years ago. This was a beautiful 20th anniversary present from my husband. I have no idea how Don engineered it through the veil, but somehow he must have sent thoughts from the other side to these two old friends and that influenced them to decide to go look Don up on the Internet, and amazingly, almost on the same day. But the one thing I do know, this is a beautiful example of the power of love.

I do know how lucky I am to have the connection I have had in many ways with Don in these last few years, and although your own personal experiences of love expressed through the veil may be different than mine, please know that messages may come to you from your loved ones in small and subtle ways as well as large. Your memories of love will always be with you, and there will be times when you may receive a nudge out of the blue, a soft touch on your cheek, hear the melody of a favorite song, become aware of a familiar scent such as cologne or favorite flowers, hear a soft whisper of love, or discover a piece of memorabilia long-forgotten or unknown, all of which awakens and heals your heart and soul.

Closing Thoughts
I close with two sayings that Don Pendleton wrote. He is known and credited for the term, "Live Large!" And he wrote this in May 1995, a few months before his death: "There is another reality enfolding close as our breath!"

And I wish for all of you to find your sparkling diamond and words or expressions of love, each and every day, and always.

~ Linda Pendleton

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Linda Pendleton, medium and author, is the creator and instructor of these courses on spiritual contact and spirit communication:

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