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spiritual growth, emotional growth, message from your soul, moving forward in the new year
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  spiritual growth, emotional growth, message from your soul, moving forward in the new year

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Dreams for Healing: Using Dreams as a Pathway to the Soul
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Moving Forward in the New Year

By Laura Grace

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it."
~ Goethe

Day by day, moment by moment, our future beckons us to follow the path of our greatest joy, happiness and grace. Yet sometimes moving forward and beginning anew seems hard. Resistance surfaces and it feels like it takes everything we've got just to take a mere baby step. And then at other times, moving forward feels exciting and new, as though we're on some meaningful adventure. The former occurs when we believe that we're alone and that there is no divine plan or power working for our greater good. The latter demonstrates faith and trust that everything is unfolding for our greater good and the good of others. Once we make up our minds to start something, really commit to it and say, YES! - the Universe summons legions of support and sends it our way. Others who resonate to our same level of willingness with the same degree of intention will be drawn to us. Connections will be made. Circumstances will be crafted. Energetic dots will be connected - all aspects of the divine plan that have been created to assist us as our progress.

Years ago in my own life, I made a commitment to seize opportunities in alignment with my highest life's purpose. Immediately upon doing so, the number of opportunities increased significantly. They were wonderful openings that provided spiritual and emotional growth and awakening. Today if opportunities seem to fade, I know it's only because I'm not clear on my commitment (split energies) or I'm weak on willingness (internal resistance). In fact, I just made a renewed commitment to saying, "Yes" a few months ago. And last week I was offered a leadership position that embodies the qualities most important to me, while allowing me to utilize the spiritual growth I've been experiencing for many years.

Harnessing the power of your thoughts, words and actions are invaluable. Below are some things to consider as you create a love-filled year in 2006:

Notice your inner desires. We attract everything into our lives by the power of our desire.

Maintain focus on the positive qualities in your life, on what you want. This includes offering gratitude and appreciation each and everyday. And dropping the negative words from your vocabulary, such as, "can't", "won't", "unable", etc.

Keep your eye on the big picture. Allow God to handle the details.

Increase your vibration. Practice dropping judgment, grievances, releasing the past.

Pay attention to your night-time dreams as they will reveal messages from your soul and guidance from your Spirit Guides.

Remember that there is no step too small. Every action you take, like every piece of a puzzle, leads to a bigger picture of accomplishment. The Universe is all-loving and surrounds, enfolds, and protects us. Our future beckons lovingly. All we have to do is walk our paths one step at a time with trust and unconditional love in our hearts.

Affirmations for Moving Forward and Beginning Anew:

I invite and allow good to come into my life.
In faith and trust I embrace life's opportunities.
I give myself permission to create my soul's desire.
I willingly live from my heart and choose love over fear.

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