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Have You Heard of the Power of the Number 8?

By Deanna Reynolds

The techniques you learn throughout the Conscious Earnings ebook often require revisiting on a continual basis – that's why this book is called "Conscious Earning". Primarily, many of those techniques require you to uncover your belief system which is a lot like peeling away the layers of an onion. That is to say that layers that were not visible initially suddenly show themselves once outer layers have been removed.

However, some of the techniques I teach require only one step. That's the case when you use the number eight.

You see, in Numerology, the number eight represents prosperity, material and success. Energetically speaking, the energy of the world and specifically within your own body crosses in a figure eight, or infinity, pattern.

Power Number 8
Thus, the number eight holds much power for many reasons. The power of the eight is represented by it's never ending design and the unique crossover pattern.

Throughout history, many cultures have recognized the figure eight for its crossover pattern. This symbol is familiar to energy healers who know that this pattern crosses seven times representing the seven energy centers located on the human body.

This video by Donna Eden explains yet another energetic component to the figure 8

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 Self Healing Expressions

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And, in the West, you'll recognize this crossover pattern on the caduceus as intertwined serpents that cross seven times. At a very physical level, many of us understand that the left side of our brain controls the right side of our body and vice versa. This is another example of the crossover pattern we're discussing.

But, in this Conscious Earnings e-Book, we're speaking specifically to using the crossover pattern to bring in more income. The easiest way to utilize the number eight to bring you more income and prosperity is simply to draw a large "8" on a plain piece of printer paper. I used a big, black, marker.

While drawing the number eight, hold the intent that this drawing is being done in an effort to allow more income into your life. Then, place this drawing inside the folder that you use to track income receipts.

Deanna Reynolds

Copyright © 2009 – 2010 by Deanna Reynolds. All rights reserved.

Deanna Reynolds is a spiritual coach, energy therapist, and author of Conscious Earning: A Path to Quadrupling Income in One Year.

Have experiences the power of the number 8? Share with the rest of us.

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