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Universal Time Delay ~ for Abundance & Prosperity

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Understanding the Universal Time Delay

By Deanna Reynolds

One of the perceived problems in working with the Law of Attraction (and other techniques outlined in the Conscious Earning ebook) is that many people become discouraged if their Universal requests are not fulfilled immediately. This can be the result of a couple of different factors.

There is almost always a time delay.

A time delay is the time the Universe uses to prepare and ship your order. The delay gives you the opportunity to modify your order if you change your mind.

I'm not quite sure why some people take issue with this concept. After all, we accept without question that when we place an online order, it may take a few days before the package arrives at our doorstep.

But, when it comes to a Universal order, we somehow think the rules are different. The truth is that the rules aren't really different.

The Universe just needs a little time to process your order, line up the energies and then ship the request. All of this gives you a buffer of "time" to change your mind.

Lisa Nichols, co-author of Chicken Soup for the African American Woman's Soul, talks about this Universal time delay in The Secret. She says:

"Thank God that there's a time delay, that all of your thoughts don't come true instantly. We'd be in trouble if they did. The element of time delay serves you. It allows you to reassess, to think about what you want, and to make a new choice."

Chronos Time versus Kyros Time

Since we're discussing the Universal time delay, let's break down the difference between Kyros (Universal) time and Chronos (Physical) time. These two states of time were inspired by the ancient Greeks.

Essentially, Chronos time is chronological, measured in terms of seconds, minutes and hours. This means that Chronos time is fixed. Here on the physical earth, we are bound to Chronos time, out of necessity. It's that chronological order that defines much of our days and our history.

The Universal energy around us works in Kyros time. Kyros time is timeless. This is what you aim for when you "seize the moment" or just allow yourself to "be." Often, Kyros time is described as "a window of opportunity."

You've probably experienced moments of Kyros time. Time spent in Kyros is often described as, "I just don't know where the time went," or, "Is it time to leave already? It feels like we just got here."

But, let's get back to the difference between Chronos and Kyros time to discuss how all of this impacts you. Because the Universal energy operates in Kyros time and you, here on the physical earth, often operate in Chronos time, it's the translation between the two times that creates the delay. You see, the more you operate out of Kyros time, the faster the Universe can deliver your requests.

In her book, Learn to Manage Your Time, author Lucy MacDonald answers the question, "How can we experience more Kyros time and less Chronos?"

She states, "Doing one thing at a time, refusing to live an over-scheduled life, and making time for the important people in our lives will help us to balance the quantity [Chronos] and the quality [Kyros]."

Next time, we'll discuss Putting It into Practice: Operation in Kyros Time.

Until then,

Deanna Reynolds

Copyright © 2009 by Deanna Reynolds. All rights reserved. Excerpt from her Healing
Conscious Earning: A Path to Quadrupling Income in One Year.

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