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  self-healing, spiritual healing, alternative healing, new age gifts, new age healing, holistic healing, holistic health, holistic education, guided meditation, healing prayer

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Cleaning Products ~ Vinegar & Baking Soda

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Organic Household Cleaners: Healing the Environment Begins at Home
"Household cleansers are the major source of home toxins. Approximately 500,000 tons of liquid cleaners are washed down U.S. drains annually.

Most of these products rely on petroleum-based surfactants, solvents and other chemicals, some of which are known to be acutely toxic in large doses. Others have been linked to reproductive illnesses and cancer. Most of these chemicals have not been tested for their impact on human health.

Many household cleansers contain substances such as glycol ether, Stoddard solvent, naphtha, and kerosene, which are neurotoxins and central nervous system depressants. These substances can cause confusion, headaches, lack of concentration, and symptoms of mental illness."

- Judy Morgan, environmentalist & instructor of Saving the Planet Starts at Home

Clean with Vinegar? Baking soda? Club soda?
Considering the threat to one's health and the environment that common household cleaning products (containing toxic chemicals) pose, it just makes good sense to use organic products for household cleaning tasks. Organic products are more affordable, not detrimental to your health and kinder to the environment! Here are some homemade organic products we like:

All- Purpose Cleaning ~ Soap & Vinegar
Mix one teaspoon of liquid soap with one quart warm water. Add a splash of vinegar to help cut grease.

Furniture Polish
Mix 1/4 cup of organic apple cider vinegar with a few drops of olive oil. If you are concerned about staining furniture, mix oil with white distilled vinegar instead of cider vinegar. Dip soft recycled cloth (e.g., flannel) in the vinegar and oil mixture, and wipe on furniture until absorbed.

Disinfect with Vinegar
The disinfectant properties of vinegar have been verified by numerous studies including those conducted by the Good Housekeeping Institute, as reported on 48 hours (on CBS) in 2000. A straight 5% solution of vinegar kills 99 percent of bacteria, 82 percent of mold, and 80 percent of viruses, however in the USA, it cannot be declare a disinfectant without registering it as a pesticide with the EPA. Having said that, mix distilled white vinegar (found in any supermarket) with water and keep spray bottles of this non-toxic disinfectant in your bathrooms and kitchen - to disinfect and clean.

Clean Tile, Wood or Vinyl Floors
Mix cup white vinegar with one gallon water and mop floors. Buff with a soft cloth to revive shine. (Do not use Vinegar on marble).

Tub & Tile Cleanser ~ Baking Soda
Baking soda works like scouring powder. Use on tub, tile, basin in bathroom and kitchen. Rinse. Wash down with all-purpose cleaner (above).

Glass Cleaner ~ White Vinegar
Pour full strength white vinegar (or mix with water if you prefer) into a spray bottle to clean windows. Dry with soft cloth or old newspapers.

Clean Cutting Board ~ Vinegar or Lemon Juice
Wipe down cutting board with vinegar or lemon juice to cut grease and absorb food odors.

Clean Counter Tops
Wipe down with white vinegar to disinfect. (Do not use Vinegar on marble).

Club Soda Spot Remover
Club soda is a natural spot remove but treat as soon as it happens before it becomes a stain.


To learn of other ways you can care for the environment and your family, enroll in Healing the Environment: Saving the Planet Starts at Home by environmentalist Judy Morgan.

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About This Self-Healing Expressions Email Course
Embark on a healing journey dedicated to planet Earth. Explore the hard facts, practical solutions, and the spiritual aspects of Mother Earth's illness and healing. Come to understand the threats global warming, population growth, increased waste and air pollution poses to the planet, and ways to "downshift" towards simplicity. Be guided through healing visualizations for the planet as you proceed through the lessons.
  • Learn how toxics found in common household products contaminate the environment and your body and organic alternatives that are more affordable, better for your health and kinder to the environment.

  • Understand how smog is created and what you can do to reduce air pollution.

  • Learn how to heal water and waterways, and reduce water contamination.

  • Understand the vital ecological function of trees, and how (and where) planting them can help save you money and heal the environment.

  • Examine the hidden cost to the environment and human health in the U.S. agricultural system, and learn environmentally positive options to buying food produced in this system.

  • Grasp the importance of biodiversity and ways to support it.

  • Understand issues concerning the finite supply of nonrenewable fossil fuels and the renewable sources of energy we will have no choice but to embrace in the future.

Finally, ecology or earth spirituality are explored, and ways to nurture a deeper connection with the earth within the self. Take this journey of inspection and introspection that could make a vast difference to generations to come.



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