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  what do dreams mean, vehicle in a dream, dream about car, dream interpreting car, meaning of a dream car, online dream course

What do dreams mean?

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Trains, Planes and Automobiles: Understanding a Vehicle in a Dream

By Laura Grace

Heather dreamt she sat in the back seat of a large, crowded car. Her childhood family members were packed in the car - even her deceased Grandmother was there. Her older brother was driving and her father also sat up front. They came upon a flooded bridge so the car could not cross the river. Suddenly the car careens out-of-control and off the road! Everyone exited the car to walk. What could this dream mean?

Have you ever examined the significance of vehicles in your dreams? What do dreams mean when they are about trains, plane or automobiles?

Why are vehicles in dreams significant?
Vehicles are the way we move from one place to another. And in dreams, vehicles have the capacity to represent how our soul uses our body to travel through life.

There are many different kinds of vehicles, but for practical purposes, we're going to focus on those that typically appear.

Who's in the driver's seat?
Regardless of the type of vehicle that appears in your dreams, it's always important to notice whose navigating. Whether it is a sailboat, car, bus, or train, the driver is always the one in control. Being any other place than in the driver's seat implies that you are not in charge of your life. Perhaps you are drifting aimlessly, or maybe you are allowing yourself to be controlled by another. The point is you are meant to be in charge of your life. In fact, it's really the only thing you have control over.

So the next time a vehicle appears in your dream, notice where you're sitting or standing. If someone other than you is in the driver's seat, who is it? This person is the one presently in control of your life. This is true even if they are deceased. How can that be? Well, it can occur if you're living your life according to someone else's idea of how your life should be, or if you're operating in a way that subscribes to someone else's belief system. This is often symbolized by a parent who was influential and controlling in your life - and still is - even though you're an adult.

If you're not in control of the vehicle, your dream is bringing this fact to light so you can change. It reveals who is in control. The parts or type of vehicle shows you the area(s) and intensity at which it is occurring.

And then there are the parts of the vehicle to consider if they are highlighted in the dream somehow. What might the auto body represent in your dream? What about the auto battery, brakes, engine, headlights, or tires? Each of these dream symbols may represent an important message to you from your soul. To understand these dream symbols, you have to learn your personal dream language.

What about your dream boat?
Boats are made for the water. And since water often symbolizes your emotions and spiritual growth, boats denote your spiritual side, your soul. Some boats, like cruise ships may imply a need for vacation or fun, while sailboats reveal skimming the surface of your subconscious. Since sailboats, unlike powerboats, are powered by nature (the wind), they reveal a deeper state of consciousness and faith. Whether or not you're sailing smoothly is, of course, key! Rowboats imply that you are struggling through life and going the hard way, while paddleboats show that you are using your own strength and power and are self-sufficient.

What about buses, trains, and planes? These are also significant dream symbols worth understanding.

Taking the Drivers Seat
As for Heather, her dream signaled to her that her childhood family members would not join her on the "spiritual journey" she had decided to embark upon. She was going to have take the driver's seat and find her own way across the river -- without this group and their limiting beliefs.

What do dreams mean?
Vehicles of transportation are a common dream symbol and signify many aspects of your attitude, state of awareness and willingness to be in charge of your life. Life need not be a struggle. You can "travel" through joy or pain -- the choice is yours.

Excerpted from Dreams for Healing: Using Dreams as a Pathway to the Soul by Laura Grace. Learn more about Laura and her course now.

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