Predicting a Year of Miracles

As I read the coverage of the landing of the US Airways flight 1549 in the Hudson River this week, I got shivers from head to toe. The story of a plane crash struck very close to home. My husband and I had just honored the eighth anniversary of the Continue Reading →

Words of Thanks and the Power of Gratitude

Each night at the dinner table, our family has a tradition. We each take turns expressing what we are thankful for that day. After each person has taken a turn, we say, “Thank you God for all these things” and then begin our meal… Gratitude allows us to communicate directly Continue Reading →

Awakening Miraculous Memories Meditation

Join me on a meditative adventure designed to help you remember how miraculous your life already is. You have already experienced many miracles, and more are on their way. This miracle meditation can help you remember – on many different levels – the miracles you have already attracted and received, Continue Reading →

Miracles Meditation: You Have the Answers

Embark on a journey designed to help you connect with an all-knowing, miraculous, quiet energy within you. During the following guided miracles meditation, you will have the chance to invite a miraculous power to flow through your life in wondrous ways. Prepare to discover how miraculous you really are! Listen Continue Reading →