Love and Light

Love and Light ~ Spiritual Article Cure Your Financial Problems for Good Are you one of the many people or families in (or on the verge of) financial turmoil? Does the global economic downturn have you worried? Learn ways to correct manifestations; breathing techniques to manifest prosperity; crystals to neutralize Continue Reading →

Who are Your Cheerleaders?

By Rev. Richard Adinolfi © Who are the cheerleaders in your life? Who has cheered you on in all your endeavors and throughout your journey of life? Who has inspired you with a good word of cheer, support and encouragement in your life’s pursuits to develop and express your abilities Continue Reading →

Celebrating Life with Our Pets

In recent years there has been much growth and interest in animal spirituality, and human spiritual connection to animals. We’ve seen a growing number of books exploring pets as our angels and guardians here on earth and on communicating with animals… Perhaps pets put us deeply in touch with a Continue Reading →