Who are Your Cheerleaders?

By Rev. Richard Adinolfi ©

Divine Living: Practical Advice for a Lifetime
  • Who are the cheerleaders in your life?
  • Who has cheered you on in all your endeavors and throughout your journey of life?
  • Who has inspired you with a good word of cheer, support and encouragement in your life’s pursuits to develop and express your abilities and talents, achieve your goals, and fulfill your dreams?

These are the people who empower us to be all that we were meant to be. Their sincere interest in us and belief in us enables us to believe in ourselves all the more, and fires us up with the enthusiasm that propels us farther on to victory.

During the early stages of our life, and hopefully from one decade to the next, our parents are the first to cheer us on to crawl, and then to stand, and to walk, and to run, and to have fun. Then, to read and write, and master one subject of interest after another whether it be in academics, industry, science, the arts, or athletics and sports.

Then, throughout our life others come to cheer us on. There are teachers and coaches, trainers and instructors who make a special effort to lift us up when we are down, and give us the spirit to move on from one accomplishment to greater heights of achievement.

May you also be blessed with a significant other, a spouse, or with a special friend or relative, who delight in your interests and plans and cheers you on? They greatly enhance the joy of living.

For your own edification, be a cheerleader to others, and bond with those who cheer you on.

© Excerpt from Divine Living: Practical Advice for a Lifetime.

Rev. Richard Adinolfi, a beloved minister and former radio broadcaster, is the author of Divine Living: Practical Advice for a Lifetime. Also, a certified Massage Therapist (his second career) he is the author of Self-Massage Plus: Caring for Your Aching Muscles and More.