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Love and Light ~ Spiritual Article

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Let’s Talk About Your Divinity
By Mercedes Oestermann van Essen, author of

Today I want to share with you what I have learned about being a divine being of love and light and why this understanding holds the key to your future happiness and success.

On your quest to personal freedom and happiness you have probably come across the phrase: “I am a divine being of love and light” and perhaps like me you may have taken this phrase for a touchy feely saying which bears little resemblance to what really is our so called reality.

I am a being of love and light

If that is you, I sympathise as I too have viewed this phrase in this light until one day not so long ago I had an insight to what this little phrase “I am a being of love and light” really means.

This insight has transformed how I see myself, my working life, other people and the world around me. It has transformed my understanding of what it means to be in flow and create true abundance and happiness for myself and others.In sharing this insight with you, I hope it will help you to transform your life and connect to the flow of abundance within you that is the true source of all happiness and success


Divinity is your connection.

The word divine or divinity has always held somewhat negative connotations for me because it smacked of old religion and limiting beliefs imposed on us through religious teachings. My mental filtering system did not allow me to see what divinity really stands for and that it actually has very little if anything to do with religion. Rather it is an acronym for the essence of who we really are. Call it creator, or source, or whatever you wish. Divinity stands for the essence of the universe. This essence that makes up the universe and the cosmos of course is also you, because you and I are part of the universe and the cosmos.In this place of divinity, once you get it, everything that we call reality or manifestation exists. This is also your true power which every one has access to if they are open to it. The only difference between you and I are our mental filters through which we view the world. These filters have different vibrations. The level at which we vibrate dictates what insights we can readily access and how we see our world.

The Power of Love

Love is a frequency, just like fear, anxiety and happiness are frequencies. The light is the way these frequencies are seen by us when we open up to this expanded awareness.The universe literally is a bright space of energy light. If you have done healing work you may have experienced bright blue flashes of light, also often referred to has healing light. You also may have seen the energy fields of people or objects. I can tell you from my own experience when you see the energy field of people- and anything in the world for that matter, you see intensely bright flashes of light.Most of us have never seen the world in this way. Therefore we tend to think the denser energies at which most of us vibrate exclusively are the real world.As you evolve and your cognitive awareness expands you become lighter and you gain access to the higher frequencies of light. Energy does not grow; it is always the same amount. The only thing that changes is its frequency. When you reach a certain level in your evolutionary development you gain access to the higher, lighter levels of energy. Your own energy body is more in alignment with these lighter energies. The higher your frequency the lighter and brighter the light shines.

Put simply…

Happy thoughts of love and peace create light bright molecules and thoughts of anger, fear and the like turn the molecules dark and make the water murky.

“I am a divine being of love and light,” acknowledges the truth of who you really are beyond that which you can see readily. It acknowledges that by aligning yourself to the vibrational energy and the essence of the universe you are opening up to how the universe works in its abundant possibilities.

In this moment, you are able to transcend the lack and limitations which are your old conditioning and connect to the inner peace and freedom thus allowing you to freely create your own future.

You are a holographic expression of the universe.

I could also say you are a fractal within fractals within fractals. From this space in the now, you create your future as you wish. When you acknowledge and align yourself to the endless open possibilities which are yours for the choosing and give yourself permission to let go of past limitations, hurts and fears you are truly free to create the happiness and peace you desire. It is already inside you, all you need to do is awaken this part within you. When you fully understand that you already are the love and light and connect to it with a deep knowing you have accessed your manifestation powers.

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