A Traditional Shamanic Way to Protect Yourself from Negativity

By Shaman Elder Maggie, instructor of Discovering the Shaman Healer Within

Would you like a way to protect yourself from the negative energies all around us here in this world?  Would you like a place you can go where there is only Love and Light and nobody can get in there without your permission? And what if you could take this place with you all during your day! I call this place your bubble of protection. It was given to each of us by Creator because Creator knew that man would create some pretty nasty things and we would need some kind of shield we could hold up and stay safe from negative energies, emotions, thoughts, and more.

Protective bubbleWhen you are inside your bubble of protection you can know that nobody else is in there with you. There is no critical voice inside there. There is only the white Light of Creator’s love inside there and you are being bathed in the unconditional love of Creator.

So take a moment right now… read this slowly as you envision it…

Place a bubble of protection around you now that looks like a transparent eggshell or soap bubble that fully encapsulates you safely about one foot from your body on all sides, top and bottom. And now see that the outside surface of this bubble is covered in a fabric of Kevlar all around your bubble now. Kevlar is the breathable fabric that bullet proof vests are made of. You are so protected now, only the very tiny light particles of goodness can penetrate that Kevlar. The heavy dense particles of negativity cannot possibly get through.

Ask Creator God Source to fill this bubble of protection with Creator’s own white Light energy that blinds those beings of darkness and makes it impossible for them to even approach you. You have to ask for this, you cannot do this yourself.

And now see at the very top of your bubble that is about 1 foot above your head this stream of unconditional love from Creator pouring into your bubble. It is a beautiful bright white Light of Love that is pouring into this bubble filling up the bubble, penetrating into every muscle and bone and organ and marrow and even into your emotional body and your mental body and your spiritual body and filling you, filling you up with this unconditional love and acceptance and okayness even to overflowing you….

And now it is overflowing so much that it is starting to seep out of the Kevlar material into the space outside your bubble  around you like a halo that extends from your bubble out into the space around you by about 2 feet or so…

This seeping white Light of Unconditional Love of Creator is continuing to constantly fill you to overflowing, if you let it, and slowly seep out and creates a halo around you about 2 feet out from your body….

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And when you allow your bubble to fill to overflowing with Creator’s unconditional love for you, other people will see this halo around you and will want to come near to  ou to feel it for themselves. Good people will be attracted to you. Bad people will not want anything to do with this unconditional love of Creator and will stay away from you. You can become a Santa Claus and give this overflow away wherever you go and whoever you are with simply by allowing Creator to fill your bubble of protection to overflowing constantly.  How good it feels to be the giver here instead of the needy one! You simply have to envision this bubble of protection around you and allow Creator to fill it. I have this bubble of protection up around me 24/7 without fail.

Your bubble is surrounded with a layer of Kevlar fabric. Kevlar has very tiny pores or mesh that makes it light enough to wear this metal fabric. So the Good positive energy that is very light and tiny can penetrate through the Kevlar and the heavier denser particles of negative energy cannot penetrate the Kevlar. So not only are you protecting yourself from the denser larger negative particles you are also allowing the positive energies to come in to affect you even more fully. It’s like filtered air or ionized air. By removing the negative particles there is room for more positive particles. And the positive particles are smaller and lighter and you can hold many more positive particles than negative particles. So just keeping this bubble up around you will improve your life tremendously!

Walk now with this bubble around you at all times constantly receiving the inflow of Creators Love and Light for the rest of your life. This alone will change everything for you.

See how you feel with this protection around you. Keep it up around you 24/7 all the time. It takes deliberate practice to maintain this bubble all the time but it is worth it and will get easier the more you practice it.


Shaman Elder Maggie

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