Drawing in Your Soulmate

Discover how to draw in true love through spiritual means

Find Your Spiritual Soul Mate: Transforming Your Romantic Destiny with A Romantic Résumé

Find Your Spiritual Soul Mate
Are you ready to meet your soul mate? Let the romantic résumé show you how! Put a casting call out to the Universe for a co-star! This inspiring course guides and supports singles towards clarity in their quest for a healthy loving relationship. Be guided towards clarity about the love you desire while tapping into different spiritual tools to draw in your beloved. Learn More Now!

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Discover how to draw in true love through spiritual means
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Drawing in Your Soulmate
By Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway ©

For those spiritual singles in quest of their soul mate, the Romantic Résumé is a creative and fun process designed to help you draw in your beloved. It very much requires the “inside job” of assessing what you truly want. But you can also “consciously” utilize the world around you to further clarify your goals.

In day-to-day life, the simple act of looking around this great big universe, and noticing people you are attracted to, sheds light on how you get drawn into relationships; who you are drawn to, and for what reasons. Don’t be afraid to become a great observer; be a girl watcher or boy watcher; pay more attention to the men or women who enter your every day world, and to date when appropriate. Just try looking at the romantic arena through new eyes and, from that perspective, create new opportunities and experiences.

Creating New Opportunities..

Exercise the powers of observation.

Without making judgments based on good or bad, look around, and notice if you can identify men or women who are your type. As you are out and about in the world, pay attention to people who:

  • Have something about them that you like
  • Have a scent or essence that appeals to you
  • Seem so perfect for you
  • Draw you in some way
  • Have the look you love
  • You would like to get to know
  • Seem to have something to offer

See if you can gather insight on the kinds of things that really turn you on in potential mates, and the kind of people you are attracted to.

Mingle with others, and “practice date” as appropriate.

Instead of searching for the one, go with the natural flow of the universe. If someone nice happens to come along, go out on a date but date differently than you have before. Imagine it this way: instead of making your dating and socializing experiences all about trying to impress people and getting them to like you, consider yourself an interviewer or a talent scout in search of the person who will play a very important role in your life! Be respectful to the other person, but be cautious and be a smart romantic consumer.

  • Depending upon where you are in your own personal evolutionary cycle, it may be appropriate to experiment with a variety of types of people as you open to meeting a potential mate.
  • Interacting with a number of different men or women — on dates, in social situations, while out and about — can help you further clarify the kind of person you would like to share romance with and the type of relationship that’s right for you.
  • You may find, over time, that what was important when you first started this process changes as you gain more insight through experience.
  • Treating your love quest like a love project at first can give you a framework and an edge of emotional distance that may prevent you from getting too involved with inappropriate people, or involved too fast to establish a foundation with an appropriate person.
  • It’s a good idea to interact with others in a leisurely fashion until you have a good grasp of who and what you are looking for. Sometimes the urge to merge moves us quickly into situations that are not appropriate or authentic.Think back: Have you ever been seduced by a person’s packaging – their looks, charm, outward attitude and attention – only to find the partner-from-another-planet emerging as soon as the initial honeymoon stage faded?
  • The clarification process may seem like a lot of work. But when you search for love without first defining what love looks and feels like to you personally, you risk falling into familiar pitfalls. And you can end up in relationships that are even more work to extricate yourself from. That why it is important to stay conscious about old patterns and be conscious about creating new ones as your follow this process and try a new approach.
“Whether it’s true or you think it is true… it is true.”
~ Werner Erhard

Accentuate the Positive
When you complain that you’ve wasted your time dating and looking, or that there are “no good men/women out there,” you stop the flow of love energy and limit your chances of meeting or attracting someone to you. Take care not to kill your dreams of true love with negative beliefs. We create our own realities with the thinking we entertain.

Don’t fall into the trap of sabotaging or delaying your love quest right out of the gate, by focusing on negativity, simply because you’ve become frustrated and fearful that you’ll never meet “Mr. or Ms. Right”. It’s perfectly appropriate to acknowledge any stress or pain you are feeling, but try not to be consumed by the challenges of opening up to love or the heartaches of the passed. You might as well have some fun!

Keep Your Eye on Your Desired Outcome

From this point forward, it’s important to continue to raise your energy level and lift yourself toward your highest vision for love. In fact, if you don’t first create the vision and feel the energy of who your potential love mate is, you may not even recognize him or her when that individual comes your way!

It’s important to keep your eye on your desired outcome and stay aware of the many facets of people you meet. Clarity ultimately leads you to the person who is to become your lifetime love mate.

Excerpted from Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway’s popular soulmate ecourse Find Your Spiritual Soul Mate. Copyright © Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway. All rights reserved.