Going Beyond Self-Healing

Many of you reading this message embrace the power of self-healing and are actively applying it (or learning to apply it) to heal your body, mind, spirit and heart. Many of you also let life force energy flow through you to heal others. But take a moment and envision applying this healing energy directly to the planet… to Mother Earth. Imagine if we all began applying our respective healing abilities and gifts to energetically heal the planet?

When Shaman Maggie and I initially discussed offering her distance Reiki courses with distance attunements, I was really excited because I thought her courses could guide many people to learn and apply Reiki for personal healing but I also thought, in time, many of us would be guided to use this energy work for planetary healing.

It will take a lot of healing hands, a lot of meditations, a lot of prayers, and a lot of miracles to heal Mother Earth but I suspect she will guide us along the way. Listen for her messages in the wind.