Which Work Environments Will Take Years Off of Your Life?

Guest Post

Some people spend a great deal of time trying to pick out the perfect career path for them. Others seem to fall right into their career path through the natural progression of their lives. While you may have chosen your career path with great care or the path may have been clearly laid out in front of you, one thing is for certain. Some work environments are riskier to employees than others. In fact, the type of job you choose can have a significant impact on your longevity. So which work environments will take years off of your life?

Dangerous Jobs

Some of the most high-risk jobs in the country are those that require a worker to use his body in regular work activities. These jobs may include everything from construction work and grounds keeping to professional athletics and electrician work. These are jobs that, through the course of performing required work activities, the individual is at a high risk of injuring or even killing him or herself. Some of these careers barely provide the worker with a livable wage while others in this line of ?work may earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

High Stress Jobs

While jobs that are physically demanding or that require a person to actively use his or her body in dangerous ways are high risk, other jobs can take their toll on a person’s longevity as well. Stress can have long-term and far-reaching effects on the body. When a person’s job is the source of that stress, the stress and anxiety of the job become the norm. High-powered corporate jobs, public relations jobs, law enforcement jobs and others are associated with a significant amount of stress. Every job will have some element of stress associated with it, but some jobs create a high level of stress on a daily basis which can lead to heart disease, depression, and other health complications.

A Combination

While some jobs are highly stressful and others are highly dangerous, some jobs can fall into both categories. Professionals working in the military, as airline pilots, as taxi cab drivers and others may be highly stressed and in danger at the same time.

Whether an individual works in one of these high stress or dangerous jobs or he or she has a relatively low stress, low danger job, it’s important to be aware of the risks you’re incurring through your lifestyle. Accidents can happen on the job as well as off the job and it’s best to know which risks are likely.