Write Down Your Romantic Dreams … Bring Your Soul Mate Nearer

An interview with Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway
“Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.”
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

In your eCourse, Find Your Spiritual Soul Mate, the Romantic Resume seems to be a writing project. How come?
Putting your dreams and desires on paper is a powerful tool for transforming your romantic destiny and bringing you closer to the relationship you truly desire.

Why a Resume for Romance?
Romantic ResumeCreating your Romantic Resume is a process of discovery and clarification. It is designed to help you find the perfect mate utilizing the same power of intention you might call upon to find the perfect job. It is a way to truly assess your reality as you create your new reality.

What are some of the issues a Romantic Resume can help clear up?
A Romantic Resume helps you understand, without judgment, your current love life and helps you distinguish between outdated fantasies and true desires. It is so important that we understand our true preferences in a partner and a relationship, so we can crystallize relationship goals and preferred outcomes.  In doing so, you bring yourself closer to the person you want to attract…closer to your soul mate.

How does it work?
Clear language and emotional/intellectual clarity helps you put up a spiritual “antennae” that is coded with the energy of the soul mate that is right for you. You follow up by taking actions that support your love quest. The whole process truly illuminates your pathway to love and romance with the “right person.” It also accelerates your ability to attract a love mate. The Romantic Resume process, essentially, helps you put your casting call out to the universe for a co-star in your personal, real life movie.

What is the problem in most of our relationship lives?
Many of us grow up counting on a fairytale romance, where love happens magically and soul mates always find one another … without effort. Sometimes we just coast along in life wishing and hoping for a relationship.  It’s extremely healthy to continue to believe in the miracles and magic of love (I believe in it all myself!) but it is also wise to be practical and proactive in creating your own romantic destiny.

That sounds so unromantic.
A Romantic Resume may not sound romantic but it doesn’t have to. The romance follows as soon as you are super clear on what you want in a relationship and what you are truly willing to bring to it! Clarification is what draws your soul mate closer, and what allows that person entry into your life. Think about it.  Doesn’t it make sense that if you would go to such great lengths in your business lives that you should apply the same process of clarification to your love life? The search for love is a lot smoother and healthier if you know what you truly seek in a relationship.

What do you mean by creating a Love Project or Soulmate Project?
I believe that people today often need a little helping hand to invite Love to come knocking on their door. It helps to turn wishing and hoping into a proactive approach to getting ready for love and aligning your higher self and your life with your goal of finding your soul mate. Then, make this “Soulmate Project” a priority. Approach finding true love with the enthusiasm and dedication you would put into finding a terrific job. This will help you stay the course, and turn your experience into a life adventures. People who are serious about soul mate love should set aside a little time each day to do something that will move their project along; even if it is only to take a few moments to day dream about your true love, yet unknown.

But doesn’t that make someone seem desperate?
Not at all.  I think it means the person is serious about finding love. They are eating, breathing, sleeping their desire and yearning.

Yearning seems so sad when unfulfilled.
I think yearning is actually the key to finding true love. Honor your yearning and desire for love. Yearning is a good thing. It is natural to long to meet the mate of your dreams. This is a sign that you are getting ready for love. Use the energy of yearning to motivate yourself toward the love you want and to change your life so that a new possibility for loving can be born.

Sometimes it takes SO LONG. It makes you wonder if you will ever find love.
You know what the song say, “You can’t hurry love.”  Embrace the yearning and make it work for you. The last thing you want is to end up in the same love boat you were sailing all your life – the one where you met the wrong people and got involved in unfulfilling relationships. Be careful not to get so wrapped up in the urge to merge that you “jump” into a relationship hoping you have found “the one.” You could end up jumping back into an old pattern if you do not give yourself enough time. It’s fine to meet, date, and connect with others while you work on your Love Project, but you should feel no pressure to seal any romantic deals. Instead, utilize your experiences in the world, as well as any dates you may have, as “research” and “discovery” that help bring even more clarity to this project. You can derive more value from this experience if you approach it in an organized manner, and treat it as a sacred experience. If you were building a new business you would want it to be as strong, secure and as blessed as it could be. That is the energy you want to now apply to your romantic life.

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Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway is an author, teacher and contemporary clergy person who specializes in matters of the heart and soul. She has spent almost three decades researching the elements of successful relationships – attraction, sexuality, romance, commitment, love and the urgings of the soul. Her teachings focus on: how to get ready for love, finding your soul mate, as well as leading couple’s in love to the altar.
Her Soulmate eCourse, Find Your Spiritual Soul Mate, is available exclusively through SelfHealingExpressions.com. She is also author of Your Interfaith Wedding, Wedding Goddess, The Goddess Pages, Pet Prayers and Blessings, and the a number of eBooks including, Rituals for Love and Romance and Just Ask Lakshmi.