Expressions of Gratitude

While on vacation in Cape May, NJ this past summer, we found our way into a crowded ice cream parlor. As I stood to the side while Ken and Maria waited in line, I watched a woman with her 4-year-old grandson. The boy hurried towards her showing her the ice cream cone that his grandfather had just handed to him. The boy was so excited and she bent over to look him in the eyes and said, “Go ahead, taste it. Is it good?” “Oh yes!” the boy exclaimed. “Okay then, go quickly and tell grandpa, ‘thank you!'”

The boy scampered back to the older man, who was paying at the counter, and gave his grandfather a big “thank you!” The older man’s face lit up. I smiled as the grandmother stood up and she turned to me saying, “We must teach them while they are young to show gratitude. It is very important.” I smiled and nodded in agreement. This Thanksgiving issue seems like a fitting place to share her message.

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  1. olivia

    i find myself saying thankyou god for everything i do i say thank you for another great day as my feet touch the ground each morning. another shot at it. i was recently in a nursing home with a broken knee and what an eye opener that was. saying thank you God for everyday life moments is a part of life it self. thank you.


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