Clearing Negativity: Challenging Negative Beliefs

Jan worked as a secretary for many years and complained constantly to anyone who would listen about how much she disliked her job and how much she really wanted to be an actress. But it took a lot of energy to hate her life so much, and Jan came home from work every night too tired to study or go to auditions. When she finally began to work on clearing her negativity, she not only had the energy to study, but her boss allowed her to… Read on AND try the Clearing Exercise.

8 Replies to “Clearing Negativity: Challenging Negative Beliefs”

  1. Anton Cook

    Challenging the negative thinking pattern will need a strong commitment. And don’t think that by doing medication, you can turn negative thinking into positive. As long as you have not removed the source of depression in your mind, you can’t challenge your gloomy thinking pattern. A dark inclination can go beyond being an irregular pain in the backside. Sometimes, it is good to think negatively. That does not mean, a negative mindset will deliver a positive result all the time. Obviously not. Yes, you have to eliminate your self-limiting beliefs so that you can develop a growth mindset and stay affirmative all the time.


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