Grief during the Holidays: Ways to Cope

“Happy Holidays!” is a greeting we hear often at this time of year – but if you’re mourning the loss of a loved one, the holiday season may be anything but happy for you. Perhaps there is no time of the year when we are more aware of the empty space our loved one has left behind than during the busy holiday season. Holidays can create feelings of dread and anxiety in those of us who are bereaved. The clichéd images of family togetherness and the often unrealistic expectations of… Read on.

45 Replies to “Grief during the Holidays: Ways to Cope”

  1. Jen

    Looking for MartyT….I’ve stumbled accross several posting by Marty while searching for answers to my grief issues online. I lost my Daddy–my best friend 9 months ago on my 11th wedding anniversary. I’m handling his estate, as well as that of his parents (my Nana and Papa) who both died back to back 15 months ago (my other best friends.) I’ve also been helping my Aunt with her business, as my Uncle died a month ago and she has no children to help her. The approaching holidays are bringing out the worst in me….lots of sudden bursts of uncontrollable anger/rage directed at my husband or daughters–whoever/whatever happens to be there. I don’t know where it’s coming from and I’m wondering–have I simply lost it?? Or could this be stemming from grief?? I’m definitly still hurting…but I didn’t think this spontaneous and extreme anger could come this so far along in the “cycle.” I plan to talk with someone after the holidays for some help…but I feel I need to figure out what’s happening to me right away. I feel totally out of control when this happens and I don’t like that. Help, please!

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