Love and Healing

Rituals for Love ~ a new love and healing eBook

by Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway
Stuck in a Rut without Love and Romance?

There are a wide array of love rituals that can help support you in loving yourself and attracting your soul mate!

This book is brimming with rituals, ceremonies and blessings that allow us to combine everyday life with the spiritual realm. Ritual arouses emotions and sends signals to the psyche in a positive way, and in doing so begins to bring us closer to our goals — or draw them closer to us.

The rituals presented in this book are powerful and designed to:

  • Assist you in breaking through old, self-defeating relationship patterns.
  • Help you spiritually heal emotional wounds from past loves.
  • Offer a chance to enact the experiences you would like to create in your life – love, romance and finding your soulmate – as if it were already so.
  • Build confidence by empowering self-esteem and faith in the love that lives within you.
  • Help you deepen your love for yourself – and make yourself ready for love with another.

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  • Audio Love Meditation (downloadable MP3)…….. Heart-Opening Meditation by Rev. Victor Fuhrman
  • Audio Love Chant (downloadable MP3)…….. Open Your Heart chant from the amazing vocals of HARC
  • And a bonus soulmate ebook, Get Ready For Your Soulmate.

Discount Price: $12.99

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