Messages from our Guardian Angels

Some of you may recall my cousin Lance (49 yrs) suffered and survived a massive stroke last summer. He still has a very challenging journey ahead of him. Recently we visited him at the Care Center where he is receiving all sorts of therapies. This facility has a terrific art therapy program and we noticed large murals and abstract paintings all over the place created by the residents. One of the themes I noticed in a number of the paintings was the image of an angel.

Who or what gives you comfort and support during trying — if not seemingly impossible times? See if one of our articles, courses or offerings might provide some message, some direction for your own personal journey.

4 Replies to “Messages from our Guardian Angels”

  1. Roberta lynn Krupp

    i need more information on guardian angels and how to know who they are how to thank them and to communicate with them it is very important to me as i know i have a guardian angel but i do not know who or how to talk to her or him please help me

  2. Peggy

    I lost a dear friend of 30+ years. We lived together for 19 if those years. She died May 28th of this year. I cannot even explain the grief. I had to go to my family doctor for help. Almost had full breakdown in his office. Thanks for this online help.

    1. Donna Hurley

      My Husband passed away on Sept 14th of this year, this is my 2 nd time of being a widow, I went to my doctor for help and his bed side manner was awful, he told me to go see a shrink. I was so disgusted and hurt by his comment I haven’t been back. I’m still having a difficult time almost 5 months later, I decided to retire because I could no longer, sleep, eat, or concentrate. I miss him something awful, he was the love of my life.


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