The Spirit of Nature: Spirit Rocks and Mother Earth

In a long ago metaphysical course I took in NYC, we tried different exercises each week. One of the exercises the instructor had us try one class was passing a small stone around the room. We each held it for a few moments and later she asked us for our impressions about the stone. When I held the sandstone, I saw dusty feet in Jesus sandals and the edge of tattered robes. I had the impression of an outdoor market place with lots of confusion and noise. And I heard sounds of gravel and sand being kicked around. The instructor eventually shared that she had picked up this stone off a street in Israel during a recent trip there. She suggested stones have memories and my own impressions confirmed this for me. How many centuries and generations had this stone been kicked around I wondered.

I remembered this exercise as I read Shaman Elder Maggie’s article (see below) on Spirit Rocks and Crystals. She takes the notion of rocks having memory several steps further — including that spirit rocks have messages for the healer. And Rev. Laurie Sue broadens the discussion this issue with her article about Mother Earth. What messages or lessons await your discovery this month; this Solstice (June 20)? See if one of our articles, courses, or offerings might support you on your healing journey.