More about Oxygen Therapy

While some of you were enthused about The One Minute Cure ebook mentioned in our last ezine, others expressed displeasure at our having included a link to this video pitch. While we’d agree there is an uncomfortable degree of “hype” with this particular presentation, I personally do not think a lame presentation alone should be a reason for dismissing potentially valuable information.  We read the ebook, communicated with the people from this site about this cure and found them to be responsive to our questions.  So we thought it worth telling you about.  Having said that, we’d like to share some other forms of Oxygen Therapy with you today (and in some upcoming blog posts).

Those of you curious about oxygen therapy, might find this site and book of interest:

Flood Your Body with Oxygen by Ed McCabe

Disease Can’t Live in Oxygen
Video of “Mr. Oxygen”

Again, we share what we surface not as endorsements per se but as something you might want to explore further – depending on your own health needs and situation. Tap into your intuition and decide what calls to you.

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