The Shaman Way: What the Animals Tell Us

Each animal has its own nature, its own traits and is a representation of a power such as strength for the lion or speed for the jaguar. By learning about animal strengths or powers, a Shaman apprentice comes to understand why people are attracted to certain favorite animals and repulsed by others. These attractions and repulsions actually become a tool that tells the Shaman what is needed or missing in a person’s life. Carol was a woman who no matter how she tried, kept missing the boat; missing out on opportunities that would have brought her the abundance and… Read article.

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  1. Nour

    , August 3, 2012 at 8:38 pm I have studied Shamanism with John and Karen and can hilhgy recommend their medicine spiral course which is due to being at the end of August. This a life changing course bringing a wealth of knowledge based on a solid foundation of Shamanism that incorporates the celtic tradition. They are facilitating 2 introduction days in August for anyone interested in persuing the medicine spiral course. One on the 4th of August and another on the 26th of August in their centre in Smithfield in Dublin. The intoduction is also amazing, hilhgy recommend these also.


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