What the Animals Teach Us

An animal communicator once explained to Ken and I that Duke, our sweet sheltie, barked so much because “it is fun” and Duke didn’t realize that his excessive barking irritated us. So she took a moment to telepathically explain this matter to Duke and thereafter he seemed to bark less. Well, at least to me. Ken might argue this point when Duke barks at the squirrels in the yard while he is on the phone with a client. Regardless, we love him and appreciate the joy and laughter he brings to our home.

In honor of our furry friends, we have recently posted a Prayer Wall for the Animals. Please help us launch this prayer request bulletin board today by visiting it. We’d also like to remind you that we’ve maintained a long standing Prayer Wall for Healing – which is always open. Find access to both Prayer Request Bulletin Boards below along with this issue’s articles, feature video, audio meditation, and other offerings.

As the autumn equinox approaches (in our part of the world) and we settle back into school and/or work routines, consider treating yourself and a friend to one of our holistic healing e-courses. Our popular “2 for 1 offer” allows you to take the same course you enroll in with a friend – for no added fee.