A Gentle Hug for You

One of my wonderful husband’s first gifts to me almost 10 years ago – while we were dating and I was struggling as a single parent – was to encourage me to re-enroll in yoga classes. Every Monday evening, Ken would watch Maria (who was then 4 yrs. old) and Continue Reading →

Expressions of Gratitude

While on vacation in Cape May, NJ this past summer, we found our way into a crowded ice cream parlor. As I stood to the side while Ken and Maria waited in line, I watched a woman with her 4-year-old grandson. The boy hurried towards her showing her the ice Continue Reading →

Transforming Scattered Energy

Many spiritual teachers and mediums are saying we are in a period of massive consciousness shift. Clearly the past month has demonstrated high levels of collective chaos and fear coming to the surface. The good news is as it fully surfaces, it can be transmuted to higher levels of energy; Continue Reading →

What the Animals Teach Us

An animal communicator once explained to Ken and I that Duke, our sweet sheltie, barked so much because “it is fun” and Duke didn’t realize that his excessive barking irritated us. So she took a moment to telepathically explain this matter to Duke and thereafter he seemed to bark less. Continue Reading →

Opening Your Heart to Love, Purpose and Healing

This summer our Maria (now 13 years old) was a “Counselor in Training” (CIT) at the wonderful Solebury Day Camp (she has attended this camp since first grade). On several occasions she exclaimed, “This is the best summer at camp ever!” When we discussed what was different this year, we Continue Reading →

Going Beyond Self-Healing

Many of you reading this message embrace the power of self-healing and are actively applying it (or learning to apply it) to heal your body, mind, spirit and heart. Many of you also let life force energy flow through you to heal others. But take a moment and envision applying Continue Reading →